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As an experienced and accomplished Portrait Photographer, I provide a bespoke service which is always crafted around your needs.  I listen to you, identify what is important to you and I will provide you with what you both want and need.  You won’t be disappointed.


Hello.  What would you like to know about me? Something that defines me...sets me apart from the rest? I fear I will disappoint!  I have lived a life that is not remarkable.  It has had great highs and terrible lows and is no more extraordinary than yours.  I came to professional photography later in life and have grasped the opportunity not only with both hands but have wrapped my legs around it too in order not to get shaken off along the way!  

I photograph people.  I love the story because, behind every lowered gaze, hurried stride or aviator sunglasses is a person with a story like yours, like mine.  I shoot live shows and costume portraiture, and enjoy the involvement with dancers at their peak. But I often  wonder what happens once that peak recedes, after you are forced, through age or injury, to dance your final piece.  I too found a second career later in life, enabling me to understand the emotions and pitfalls of reinvention.  So my interest is in reinvention; that human ability to open a further chapter in our lives.   




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©2017 Karen Hutchins

©2017 Karen Hutchins

©2017 by Karen Hutchins

©2017 by Karen Hutchins

©2017 by Karen Hutchins